How Can We Help You Maximize The Value Of Your Case?

As the insurance industry and claim process has evolved, the simple fact is that narrative style demand letters are no longer an effective way to get full value for your case.  Your demand letter has to contain a full inventory and proper cataloging of your client’s injuries, formatted and optimized for claim software, in order to begin the negotiation process on level ground. 

Work your case to its fullest potential. Your clients’ injuries are the most important factor in your case.   A complete medical analysis and our proven demand letter format, optimized for Colossus, is the best way to increase value.

Arm yourself with the information necessary to argue for the full value of your case.  We provide a comprehensive breakdown of your clients’ medical record and the full scope of their care, as well as a report containing any concerns or red flags that appear in the records. You get a birds eye view of the extent and practical impacts of your clients’ injuries, and a heads up of anything that may be problematic to your case, appearing anywhere in the medical record.

Let our extensive research and exhaustive process go to work for you. We stay up to date on all current best practices for interfacing with Colossus and comparable claim evaluation software. Our data extraction method pulls every relevant and valuable piece of medical information from your clients’ records, and catalogs it in an easy to understand, chronological timetable.  

Take work off your desk by delegating critical services to a skilled expert with a background in clinical health care and personal injury legal casework.