Frequently Asked Questions

What documentation do I need to submit?

Please submit all relevant medical records and bills, the police/accident report (if applicable), lost wages documents (with corresponding note from a physician), any relevant photos of injuries or damage, and any additional information that you feel is pertinent to the claim.

It may be best to wait and obtain all medical records and bills prior to submitting the demand.  Submitting a claim before you have all supporting documents can result in an insufficient settlement offer.

What if I do not have all of my client’s medical records yet?

You can submit your documentation via email, file sharing (i.e. dropbox), or via snail mail in the form of a flash drive or CD Rom.

Can I provide my case documents electronically?

No. We will not recommend any appropriate monetary demand value for the cases we write demands for.

Will you generate a demand value?

As every case is unique, and the nature of medical records vary to such a wide degree, it is difficult to generalize. That being said, we work hard to make sure that our fees are reasonable for our clients needs. From basic soft tissue injury cases, all the way up to complex cases with multiple surgeries or permanent injuries, I will work with you to make sure that the fee for my services makes sense for your case expense requirements. It can be generally said that the cost per case is commensurate to the extent and severity of the injuries sustained.

How much does it cost?

Some firms bill this to the client, whereas others treat it as an expense. In N.C. for example, according to the N.C. Bar Association, you can bill the client for demand preparation as a case expense, provided you have signed consent from the client.


Is this service chargeable as a legal cost to my client?

Yes. For an expedited fee, we can generally have your demand letter returned to you within 3 business days after the receipt of all medical records, bills and additional necessary information, depending on case complexity. it is best to contact us directly to obtain current expedited timeframes.

Is rush delivery available?

We accept major credit and debit cards, a company check, and PayPal/Square.


What forms of payment are acceptable?

Almost all commercial insurers use some sort of software such as Colossus to evaluate claims.  Whether an adjuster is feeding the data into a computer or not, our letters are designed to make the strongest case with the available data. Our letters have been very effective in getting higher offers and faster responses from insurers who use manual evaluation.

What if the at-fault insurance company involved in my client’s case does not use computer software to evaluate claims?

No, we are a non-testifying consultant.  We do not share any of your information or case material with any outside party.

Can You testify as a Witness on behalf of my client?


We will occasionally assist individuals without attorneys who request a demand letter that they can send directly to an insurance company. However, more often than not, I am obliged to advise individuals that it is in their best interest to speak to and hire a reputable injury lawyer to assist them with their claim, for the best outcome.

Do you work with injured clients directly?

All case documents are securely deleted/destroyed after our service is complete and our contract is fulfilled.

How do you ensure privacy and discretion with our clients sensitive information?

No. We will never disclose our work or your data to any other lawyer or to any insurance companies.

Will you disclose any work that was done with my firm to insurance companies?